Your affordable health insurance

At Anderzorg, you have a good health insurance with extra benefits. Do you expect more care? Then choose one of our smart additional insurances. Calculate your premium.

Basic health care insurance is mandatory for anyone who is living and/or working in The Netherlands. Children under the age of 18 are insured for free via the insurance policy of their caretakers.

Anderzorg covers the costs of medical essential care, such as:

  • Hospital care
  • General practitioner
  • Maternity care
  • Obstetric care
  • Medication

Your benefits at Anderzorg

  • Sharp monthly premium.
  • Compose your own health care insurance package.
  • High quality care in the Netherlands.
  • Easy online access.
  • No questions about your medical history

Mandatory and voluntary excess

When you receive medical care, you have to pay part of the costs yourself. For 2023, the Dutch government determined the amount of mandatory excess to be € 385. You can choose to add voluntary excess up to € 500 a year and receive a premium discount of maximum € 17,50 a month.

  • Mandatory excess applies to everyone over 18.
  • (Mandatory) excess is used before reimbursement from your basic insurance.
  • The excess does not apply to gp-care, maternity care or medical care to children under 18.
  • The excess does not apply to medical care from supplemental insurance.

Discover Anderzorg Flex

Next to your basic health care insurance plan, you're free to choose an additonal package. In case of an accident in The Netherlands or abroad, you might face unexpected, high healthcare costs. With Anderzorg Flex physiotherapy and dental costs due to an accident are covered. The same applies to first aid in a foreign country.

Besides the coverage of these costs, Anderzorg Flex gives you access to the following healthy lifestyle apps:

  • Headspace: relax after a hard day of work.
  • Sworkit: stay fit with personalised workouts.
  • Fabulous: learn to achieve your goals.
  • FysioZelfCheck: selfcare for physical discomfort.

Additional health insurance
Compose your own supplemental that covers physiotherapy, dentistry or global healthcare coverage.

All our premiums

Anderzorg Basis

  • Adults (18 and over) with € 385 mandatory deductible:€ 141,25
  • Adults (18 and over) with voluntary deductible from: € 123,75
  • Children (younger than 18): free
  • Anderzorg Extra* supplemental insurance: € 16,05 
    (Free for children 0 -17 insured with a parent with Anderzorg Extra)

Or compose your own supplemental health insurance:

  • Physiotherapy: € 7,55
  • Tand 75% € 250 (dental):€ 12,60
  • Tand 75% € 500 (dental):€ 30,15
  • Anderzorg Jong* (young people): € 18,10
  • Anderzorg Tand* (dental) supplemental health insurance: € 20,10

*You can't choose these supplemental insurances anymore. In case you already had chosen Jong, Extra or Tand, you can keep them.

How you get the lowest fee

Choose Anderzorg Basis and do not add supplemental insurance options. Then opt for the voluntary € 500 euro excess and pay your premium annually. 

Be aware: your medical costs can reach a maximum of € 885 (the mandatory and voluntary excess). Make sure you are able to pay this all at once, if necessary. You can also choose a lower voluntary excess. See the effect on your premium below:

Deductible above the mandatory € 385: € 0
Monthly discount: -
Monthly premium Basis: € 141,25

Deductible above the mandatory € 385: € 100
Monthly discount: € 4
Monthly premium Basis: € 130,75

Deductible above the mandatory € 385: € 200
Monthly discount: € 8
Monthly premium Basis: € 126,75

Deductible above the mandatory € 385: € 300
Monthly discount: € 12
Monthly premium Basis: € 122,75

Deductible above the mandatory € 385: € 400
Monthly discount: € 16
Monthly premium Basis: € 118,75

Deductible above the mandatory € 385: € 500
Monthly discount: € 20
Monthly premium Basis: € 123,75

Payment discount

If you pay your premium annually you will receive an extra discount.

Payment periodDiscount
Annually  1%

Calculate your premium (in Dutch)