Affordable Health Insurance in The Netherlands

Do you (plan to) live or work in The Netherlands? And are you looking for a health insurance? Choose Anderzorg. With Anderzorg you can count on an affordable and reliable health insurance. You can do a lot online, which is easy. And we don't ask questions about your medical history.

Basic health insurance is mandatory for everyone who lives in The Netherlands. And you don’t pay a penny too much for our Basic health insurance. You have full insurance for € 102 per month with € 385 mandatory deductible. With the € 500 voluntary deductible, you pay as little as € 78 per month.

Basic health insurance plan

Our Basic health insurance plan is called Anderzorg Basis. The government determines guaranteed care under Basic insurance. The coverage of Basic insurance plans is the same with all insurrance companies. 
The most important medical costs covered by Basic insurance are:

  • Hospitalization, medication and care by a general practitioner
  • Emergency care abroad
  • Mediation from our Care Agent

Supplemental health insurance plan

You can get supplemental insurance with Anderzorg. Choose to compose your own supplemental or a supplemental which is already composed for you.

  • Supplemental health insurance: Anderzorg Budget
  • Supplemental health insurance for youngsters: Anderzorg Jong
  • Supplemental health insurance: Anderzorg Extra
  • Supplemental dental insurance: Anderzorg Tand

Compose your own supplemental health insurance

You can also compose your own supplemental health insurance that covers physiotherapy, dentistry and world coverage.

  • Physiotherapie 6
  • Dentistry € 250 or € 500
  • World coverage

Basic health insurance premium in 2017
Anderzorg Basis Monthly premium
Adults (18 and over) with € 385 mandatory deductible € 102
Adults (18 and over) with voluntary deductible from € 78
Children (younger than 18) Free

Anderzorg Budget
Anderzorg Budget Monthly premium
Adults (18 and over) € 12,50

Anderzorg Jong
Anderzorg Jong Monthly premium
Health insurance for young people € 15,75

Anderzorg Extra supplemental insurance
Anderzorg Extra Monthly premium
Adults (18 and over) € 14,95
Children (between 0 and 17) € 0*

* Note: this only applies if the child is insured with a parent who chose Anderzorg Extra.

Anderzorg Tand supplemental health insurance
Anderzorg Tand Monthly premium
Adults (18 and over) € 18,50

Compose your own supplemental
Physiotherapy 6 € 3,95
Dentisty 75% € 250 € 9,50 
Dentisty 100% € 250 € 13,50
Dentisty 100% € 500 € 29,95
World coverage € 0,95

Choose Anderzorg Basis, add no supplemental insurance options. Then opt for the voluntary € 500 deductible and pay your premium annually. This will cost you
€ 936 per year, which is € 78 per month. Make sure you are able to pay the mandatory and voluntary deductible (€ 885) all at once, if necessary!

Basic health insurance premiums with voluntary deductible

The schedule shows the premium you pay if you choose the voluntary deductible. Youngsters under the age of 18 do not pay for Basic health insurance The voluntary deductible is therefor not an option.

Deductible above the mandatory € 385 Monthly discount Monthly premium
€ 0 - € 102
€ 100 € 4 € 98
€ 200 € 7 € 95
€ 300 € 11 € 91
€ 400 € 16 € 86
€ 500 € 24 € 78

Want to pick the voluntary deductible?

If you choose the voluntary deductible, your premium will be lower. But there is also a drawback: your medical coast can reach a maximum of € 885. Please consider this.

Payment discount

If you pay your premium quarterly, semi-annually or annually you will receive a discount on.

Payment period Discount
Annually 2%
Semi-annually 1%
Quarterly 1%

The biggest advantage of our Basic insurance plan is the low monthly premium. But there are even more advantages:

  • One of the lowest premium health insurance
  • Compose your own health insurance 
  • High quality care
  • Easy online access


Apply online

Note: Online application is written in Dutch and only possible if you have a Dutch (postal) address. If you want to use a written version, please print the form, fill it out and send it to: AnderZorg, Postbus 1177, 7500 BD Enschede


Then you must apply for Basic health insurance in The Netherlands in the following situations:

  • You work in paid employment or are self-employed in The Netherlands
  • You work in The Netherlands for short periods of time (seasonal work)
  • You work part-time in The Netherlands

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